Re: Virtual Box not working after upgrade to Fedora 38

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On Sat, 02 Sep 2023 22:53:59 +1000 "Michael D. Setzer II via users" wrote:

>> Did the install and created the new driver as it says, and it seems 
>> to have the vboxdrv in the same relative place as it did with fc37, 
>> but gives message that not found, but file is there??

>> modprobe vboxdrv
>> modprobe: FATAL: Module vboxdrv not found in directory 
>> /lib/modules/6.4.12-200.fc38.x86_64

>> # find . | grep vboxdrv
>> ./6.4.11-100.fc37.x86_64/extra/VirtualBox/vboxdrv.ko.xz
>> ./6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64/extra/VirtualBox/vboxdrv.ko.xz
>> ./6.4.12-200.fc38.x86_64/extra/VirtualBox/vboxdrv.ko.xz

>> Any ideals why modprobe isn't seeing the driver that does exist??

The depmod done by the kmod-VirtualBox-KERNELVER RPM may have been interrupted
during its installation. This ia a know problem.

What is the release of it ?

For example with:

  dnf list installed kmod-VirtualBox-$(uname -r)


  rpm -qf /lib/modules/6.4.12-200.fc38.x86_64/extra/VirtualBox/vboxdrv.ko.xz

> Latest atempt shows failure in build process? 

> The installation of packages shows already installed.

> dnf install akmod-VirtualBox kernel-devel-6.4.12-200.fc38.x86_64
> Last metadata expiration check: 1:51:24 ago on Sat 02 Sep 2023 08:49:43 PM ChST.
> Package akmod-VirtualBox-7.0.6-1.fc38.x86_64 is already installed.
> Package kernel-devel-6.4.12-200.fc38.x86_64 is already installed.

I am using the same kernel but a slightly newer version of akmod-VirtualBox
from rpmfusion that works:

  rpm -q akmod-VirtualBox; rpm -q --changelog akmod-VirtualBox | head
  * Sat Aug 12 2023 Sérgio Basto <sergio@xxxxxxxxxx> - 7.0.10-2
  - Add fix for kernel-6.4.10

  * Wed Jul 19 2023 Sérgio Basto <sergio@xxxxxxxxxx> - 7.0.10-1
  - Update to 7.0.10

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