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> Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2023 15:36:54 +0000
> From: Beartooth <Beartooth@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> On Mon, 2023-08-28 at 19:09 +0000, Beartooth wrote:
>>> One of my F38 machines has taken to demanding that I login over
>>> and over. I want not to have to login at all. (I'm the sole user,
>>> and at home.) Fwiw, I'm running xscreensaver under Mate. Where
>>> and how do I reconfigure?
> 	I'm actually getting logged out; I have to give my username (id 
> est, confirm the default) and type my password every time.
> 	My practice after installing every new release has been to tell 
> dnf first to remove mate-screensaver and then to install
> xscreensaver. The  latter is still working fine on the other two
> machines in front of me.
> 	I've just reversed that: told dnf to install mate-screensaver and 
> remove xscreensaver. I found out immediately that the former
> doesn't let  me manage my screen in any of the ways I want. 
> 	Would it help to reboot? Could there be a problem with my KVM 
> switch??

Your initial message seemed to imply that you thought this was
related to Mate, hence my screensaver config reply.

Given your additional information, this may be related to:

  Automatically Logout Inactive Users From Linux System

  Why Unix automatically logs you out

To deal with this I have (as shown in the second reference) a "set
autologout=off" line in my .cshrc.

Not certain why this behavior would have changed for you - unless you
are logging in differently or your shell startup script changed.

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