Re: How do I install the rescue kernel for fc38?

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On 8/29/23 10:41, Michael D. Setzer II via users wrote:
I've found that removing the rescue files from /boot and then doing a dnf reinstall kernel-core will do

Did just run it to make sure, paste has wrapping, but hopefully one can follow.

# cd /boot
# ls -l*rescue*
-rw-------. 1 root root 118033857 Jun  5 01:53
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root  14332776 Jun  5 01:51

# rm*rescue*
rm: remove regular file 'initramfs-0-rescue-189711f94e78436d9618b891a8fce70e.img'? y
rm: remove regular file 'vmlinuz-0-rescue-189711f94e78436d9618b891a8fce70e'? y

# dnf reinstall kernel-core
Last metadata expiration check: 0:27:24 ago on Wed 30 Aug 2023 03:05:33 AM ChST.
Dependencies resolved.
  Package                      Architecture            Version                           Repository                Size
  kernel-core                  x86_64                  6.4.12-100.fc37                   updates                   15 M

Transaction Summary

Total download size: 15 M
Installed size: 65 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64.rpm                                                 3.4 MB/s |  15 MB     00:04
Total                                                                                  2.7 MB/s |  15 MB     00:05
Running transaction check
Transaction check succeeded.
Running transaction test
Transaction test succeeded.
Running transaction
   Preparing        :                                                                                               1/1
   Reinstalling     : kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64                                                            1/2
   Running scriptlet: kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64                                                            1/2
   Running scriptlet: kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64                                                            2/2
   Cleanup          : kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64                                                            2/2
   Running scriptlet: kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64                                                            2/2
   Verifying        : kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64                                                            1/2
   Verifying        : kernel-core-6.4.12-100.fc37.x86_64                                                            2/2



Takes some time to run, but afterwards.
# ls -l*rescue*
-rw-------. 1 root root 123671666 Aug 30 03:35
-rwxr-xr-x. 1 root root  14384360 Aug 30 03:34

Hi Michael,

Worked perfectly.  Excellent directions!

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