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>> Just by the by, if you're faced with that flash issue again, you
>> could simply cover the flash with your finger, or something else.

> Considering the number of time I have taken
> picture of my fingers, that should of opccured
> to me!
> :'(

My mum used to do that all the time, there were lots of photos with her
finger hanging over the lens.  Her old instamatic had a lens that
protuded quite a bit, so you noticed if your fingers bumped into it. 
But her newer 35mm had an inset lens, and since the viewfinder didn't
see through the lens she had no hint that she was covering the lens.

We kept stirring her by saying we'd print an enlargement of her finger
and frame it, one day.  Quite why she never learnt to hold the camera
in a better fashion eludes me.

Since I had a manual SLR, my stance was to hold the lens with the left
hand for quick adjustments and the camera body and trigger in my right
hand.  I may be old, now, but I can still do shake-free hand-held video
on my phone without using image stabilising.

The modern equivalent is people taking photos of their ear while
talking on their mobile phone.

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