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On Mon, 2023-08-28 at 08:08 -0400, Mauricio Tavares wrote:
> I guess using installonly_limit to tell it how many kernels to keep no
> longer works?
> [raub@some-host ~]$ fgrep installonly_limit /etc/yum.conf
> # installonly_limit=5
> installonly_limit=3

YUM/DNF/RPM keeps track of what *it* has installed.  But *it* didn't
install something on a previous release.

So, if you had installed 3 versions of Fedora on the drive, and if two
releases ago you had 2 kernels, one release ago it had 3 kernels, and
this release has 4 kernels.  You have 9 kernels installed, but the
current OS only installed 4 of them.  And if your install-limit was 4,
it's just going to maintain the 4 kernels of the current release.

YUM/DNF/RPM is not counting how many kernels you have on disc, it's
counting how many kernel packages it installed.  It didn't install the
kernels of your previous releases.

How GRUB maintains itself is another matter.

Look in your /boot.

Does it contain as many kernels as the GRUB menu?  If not, it's just
GRUB you need to fix up.

If you do have a gazillion kernels, but you don't have a multi-boot
system (you just have one release, the current one).  You could delete
the old kernel files, and fix up GRUB.

If you have a gazillion kernels, and you do have a multi-boot system,
where you can boot into the previous installation.  Well, you could
boot into a prior release and deal with its kernels through

uname -rsvp
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