Re: TPM Error on Warm Boot From F38

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On 8/26/23 17:53, Stephen Morris wrote:
    Since the last system update I have been getting TPM errors on every entry in my grub menu when I do a warm restart from F38, and this includes the menu entry for the kernel I used to boot into F38.
     I am getting multiple occurrences of the following message:
            error: ../../grub-core/commands/efi/tpm.c:150:unknown TPM error.

     I am also getting the message:
            error: ../../grub-core/net/net.c:1552:disk 'hd2,gpt7' not found.

    The second message doesn't make sense as that is the device that contains F38 that I had booted into before doing the restart, and the device I've booted into to send this email.

Those errors do suggest an issue with the UEFI BIOS.

If you open the grub console instead of trying to boot an entry, what happens when you try to look at the drive. Can you see it? What partitions does it show?
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