Re: best practices for configuring multiple VirtualHost Apache WWW servers in Fedora?

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> On 27 Aug 2023, at 16:40, Franta Hanzlík via users <users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When a request is received, the server first maps it to the best matching <VirtualHost> based on the local IP address and port combination only. Non-wildcards have a higher precedence.

The HTTP Host header is also used to match to the ServerName of the VirtualHost.
I host 2 domains on the same IP and port, as is typical for web hosting services.

When you browse to a url like https:/ what browser will do is
Do a DNS look of the domain name,, and connect to that IP address.
It will use the default port if an explicit one is not in the url, 443 is this case.
The HTTP request will start like this

GET /stuff

All browsers and HTTP libraries will put the Host header in these days because if virtusl hosting.

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