best practices for configuring multiple VirtualHost Apache WWW servers in Fedora?

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how is it possible to best configure multiple virtual servers, given
how Fedora has organized configuration files for inclusion in Apache
httpd.conf? Especially if I want some configuration files to be used
by only some VirtualHost sites?

Example - I want to have 4 web servers (VirtualHost), and I want each
one to use a different /etc/http/conf.d/*.conf file (and not another)
 - e.g.:
1) http://intranet.mydom   - zoneminder.conf
2) https://intranet.mydom  - mrtg.conf
3) http://www.mydom        - geoip.conf + apcupsd.conf
4) https://www.mydom       - geoip.conf + roundcubemail.conf 

I suppose I will create four configuration files for each Virtualhost 
in the /etc/httpd/conf.d/ directory (eg srv1_intranet.mydom_ssl.conf, 
srv2_intranet.mydom.conf, srv3_www.mydom_ssl.conf, srv4_www.mydom.conf).
But how best to proceed?

IMO if I leave zoneminder/mrtg/apcupsd/geoip/roundcubemail as they are,
in /etc/http/conf.d/, they will apply in all VirtualHost - which I
don't want.

And if I put each one in its VirtualHost and delete the original in
/etc/httpd/conf.d/, it reappears there when its RPM package will be

Am I thinking correctly? Is there an elegant solution to this?

What about leaving empty files of the same name in /etc/httpd/conf.d/
(mrtg.conf, geoip.conf, ...) and setting the immutable attribute to
them (i'm on ext4), so that package updates don't overwrite them?
Thanks, Franta Hanzlik
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