Re: nextcloud with apache on fedora 38

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On 8/25/23 10:44, François Patte wrote:
I would like to install a nextcloud server and I am seraching the detailed apache configuration related to this installation on fedora 38.

I could find such a description for ubuntu but the apache configuration is different with this distrib.

I have been running nextcloud on two different servers for a long time so I don't remember all the details required to set it up. It has been very stable since then. I think I'm mostly using the default apache config with adjustments to match my hostname. Also, an ssl config to have it work with letsencrypt, probably mostly the one provided by letsencrypt. I have a symlink: /var/www/nextcloud -> /var/lib/nextcloud and I expect that I had to add an selinux fcontext for that target directory. (I don't know off-hand why that symlink is necessary, but I tried removing it and changing the configs and apache rejected it.) I have nextcloud configured to use a particular data directory and I assume that has an fcontext as well.
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