Re: Very simple iOS file uploads (JPGs) to a Fedora server? - HTTPS?

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On 8/24/23 17:01, Philip Rhoades via users wrote:

I want remote siblings to be able to upload large numbers of photos from their iPhones (using my existing ZeroTier network as the preferred connection mechanism) to my Fedora server or Fedora workstation - so I can do a lot of processing on them.  I have been looking around for days for an "idiot proof" iPhone app or other mechanism but everything I have found so far requires the iOS uploaders to be technically clued-up to some extent and / or CLIs etc.

Is there a Docker or Podman image around that packages up a simple upload / cloud mechanism? - maybe via HTTPS? - I am less enthusiastic about SFTP . .

Have used for this in the past, but it seems to be down at the moment.
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