Re: Last kernel update leads to emergency mode

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> Dear All,
> Are other also experience that with the new kernel:
> 6.4.10-200.fc38.x86_64
> I have already file a bug but no answer:
> Have a nice day,
> Paul

Personal I do not have trouble with kernel > 6.4.8, but my brother with his pure Intel Acer notebook 
(before graph. login: a black screen beginning with kernel 6.4.9).
more ?:
anyway Kernel 6.4.9 fixed some CPU HW Bug's, but AFAIK without the kernel maintainer who usually do those task, and - AFAIK- therefore it seems Kernel 6.4.10 and later got some corrections.

long story short:
care to test kernel 6.4.12 ?

+++ be aware +++
that dnf do not remove your last correct booting kernel !!!
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