Re: Wrestling with UEFI

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On 8/22/23 01:04, Samuel Sieb wrote:
On 8/21/23 21:06, Robert McBroom via users wrote:
Added a Fedora 37 and Fedora 38 installations on separate drives to a Windows system. Default boot is the Windows 10 system. Using the boot menu gets me to grub which can boot the system of my choice.

When the Fedora 38 install goes to sleep it doesn't come back to Fedora but boots to the Windows install. Keeps going to sleep in a frustratingly short time. The screensaver time setting don't seem to interact with the powermanagement settings. Never doesn't seem to be never.

It's not the screensaver time, it's the sleep time setting.  But also, if it's booting again, then the sleep isn't even working.

What will make fedora stay in its own neighborhood?

If the default boot is windows, then any time it reboots, it will go there.  You either need to disable the sleeping or figure out why it's not working properly.

looked in system settings, screensaver settings, powermanager settings and did not find the magic button. Using LXDE.
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