Re: Upgraded machine to Fedora 38 and now suspending after 15 minues??

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Michael D. Setzer II:
>> Question? If that is so, why couldn't they modify their Linux
>> pre-installed setup to have it set, rather than forcing everyone
>> else to have to have it as default?

Because we're the poor buggas who debug their ideas...  But I agree.  

If you're creating commercial installations that have to adhere to some
illusory green-washing principle you really shouldn't be using stock
installations but a custom one.

The average home user switches their PC off when it's not in use, and
expects it to stay switched on when they want it.  The non-average PC
user that leaves their PC on for extended hours, or 24/7 has done so on
purpose because that's what they want it to do.

And quite frankly, I can imagine chaos in the IT department of a
business that has to deal with multiple employee PCs going dormant at
inopportune moments.  Computers going tits-up because the worker was on
a phone call that took longer than the impatience period, had to do
something away from the desk, lunch breaks, whatever...

>> Wonder how many people are going to be reporting machines as
>> broken since they keep shutting down because of thie FEATURE...

Me too.

Richard Shaw:
> In my case my computer becomes completely unresponsive. Neither
> pressing reset, or holding down the power button have any effect
> forcing me to use the power supply switch. Not a very good end user
> experience.

Those of us who've been around here long enough remember that a great
number of computers fail spectacularly at suspending, hibernating, and
resuming.  Sometimes its the hardware, it's never going to manage it. 
Sometimes it's the software, they've gone about it in an ill-conceived
manner, or expected all hardware to work in some particular way.

As a general rule, manufacturers only test against Windows
compatibility.  And if they find a problem, and if they decide to
bother with a solution, it'll be a Windows patch, rather than fixing up
their hardware.

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