Re: Upgraded machine to Fedora 38 and now suspending after 15 minues??

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On Sun, Aug 20, 2023 at 5:50 PM Joe Zeff <joe@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On 08/20/2023 01:56 PM, Tim via users wrote:
> Quite an assumption, that's completely wrong for a large number of
> people.  And considering the number of PCs that don't get hibernation
> and suspending working right, that's yet another problem to deal with.

There is a big difference between individual home, small and medium buisness
users, and enterprise environments.

At my "enterprise" workplace, each building had an energy budget based on watts 
per workstation.  Electrical panels and HVAC were sized to that level.  Users were
issued a laptop with docking station and monitor.  Just before COVID send users
home, there was a plan to increase density using call center cubicles.  

"But it works for us!"  That, and the assumption that everybody wants
their desktop to look the way the devs do are two of the main reasons I
don't use Gnome.

In my field, there is a "mission critical" command-line app that was developed
on SGI IRIX64 and ported to macOS and linux.  The vast majority of users have 
little or no interest or experience with linux, so if they aren't macOS users, they
just install some linux distro (I tell them to seek out other linux users at their site 
for advice on choice of distro so they can get help with site-specific configuration) 
using the default configuration.  This user community benefits when the number
of different linux configurations is kept small.  Since the majority of users are
stuck with Windows in their workplace. it is helpful if the linux desktop is not too
different from Windows.

George N. White III

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