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On Sat, 19 Aug 2023 11:46:51 +0200
Peter Boy <pboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks to everybody for the suggestions. I renamed the article to
> Screen Recorder and added sections about chrome tool and OBS. It
> should be online in about half an hour, after the regular refresh of
> docs pages.
> Please, could you check the additions? And maybe add some
> informations how to use? 

There are many online tutorials about how to use obs studio.  It is
very sophisticated, and I only use it to capture snippets [1] of videos
off the web.  If you are adventurous, just open a terminal in the
gui, and type obs, and you can use the settings tab. Here are some
tutorials on youtube,
I think many of the content creators on youtube use it, because its
main purpose is for live streaming, though it can also be used to
create videos with picture in picture, etc.  Doesn't hurt that it is
free (as in beer).  Here is the official project user quick start link,

1.  The problem with information on the web is that content disappears,
and it is so difficult to index in a way that allows it to be found
quickly when it is needed. I save emails, snapshots of content,
snapshots of web pages, local text how tos, bookmarks, and videos.  I
have read that it is possible to use something like ChatGPT locally to
index personal collections, but haven't tried it.  I think training it
locally would be time consuming.  It would be so much easier if I could
use vague natural language questions, and it would find the information
I have saved for me. Instead of knowing I have the information, but
searching for an hour (if I'm lucky) to find it.
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