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On Mon, 2023-08-14 at 20:57 -0700, Samuel Sieb wrote:
> What's the Desktop?  :-)  I never see mine unless I've just rebooted.

Likewise.  I haven't even logged out for about a month.  And either
something is filling the screen, or several things are.  That's why I
like menus, structured menus.  Not incoherently organised icons on a
desktop pretending its a tablet.  Though I do have shortcuts to five
applications I'm always using on the taskbar.  Anything more than that
and its like trying to find where the other sock has disappeared to.

> Also, it depends on which desktop environment you're using.  You can't 
> do that with Gnome.  You have to put the .desktop file in the right 
> place for it to be usable and the Desktop folder is not the right place.

Confusingly, even menu files are .desktop files.  Well, I suppose they
are used by the desktop, overall.  But that's stretching things a bit.
uname -rsvp
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