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On 8/4/23 10:09, Robert McBroom via users wrote:
Been having problems with f38 startup going to a blank screen with no response to the keyboard, mouse. Was using sddm as the display manager. Can get around it by by booting in terminal mode. Starting the graphical mode with xinit -- :0 and lxsession in the resulting xterm window. Get the following messages in the window--

  ~]$ lxsession &
[1] 4047
  ~]$ ** Message: 12:00:19.020: main.vala:113: Session is (null)
** Message: 12:00:19.021: main.vala:114: DE is (null)
** Message: 12:00:19.021: main.vala:118: No session set, fallback to LXDE session ** Message: 12:00:19.021: main.vala:124: No desktop environnement set, fallback to LXDE ** Message: 12:00:21.473: main.vala:145: log directory: /home/rm3/.cache/lxsession/LXDE ** Message: 12:00:21.473: main.vala:146: log path: /home/rm3/.cache/lxsession/LXDE/run.log

The system is sthen somewhat usable but occasionally locks up. Is there a command to start a desktop environment before the session?

I think you may want startx or a derivative. I use xfce4 and have both "startx" and "startxfce4". <man startx> says it is used to start an x session. Maybe that does the initialization?

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