Re: Since F38 Upgrade, Thunderbird Opens as Tiny, Postage Stamp

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On 7/30/23 22:45, John Mellor wrote:

You don't mention what GUI is installed.  Assuming that you are using the default Wayland and not X, per a recommendation from one of the Fedora people, I installed thunderbird-wayland package and then changed the app startup to use thunderbird-wayland instead of just thunderbird. There is a very long pause before thunderbird comes up, and then it just works.  Mention was also made of this fix being merged at a later date.

I have no idea why thunderbird and not thunderbird-wayland is in the software app list.  You have to do the install from CLI because of this secondary foulup.

Using Gnome. As suggested by a couple of folks, there is enough of a corner of the "postage stamp" that I can grab it and drag the window larger. Having done so, and closing Thunderbird, it re-opens at the re-sized condition--EXCEPT that it doesn't re-open Maximized when it was closed while Maximized; that still requires the extra right click in the top border. Good enough.

Just odd this surfaced with my first log in after F37-F38 upgrade.

Thanks, all.
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