Re: Understanding SD data transfer

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On 7/24/23 14:44, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
Fedora 37, up-to-date
Controller JMicron Technology
Medium 1TB SanDisk ultra SD, sped transfer rate 120MB/sec
df /Media/SDXC says its 26% full

% mount /Media/SDXC
% time cp DATA /Media/SDXC
real		0m0.145s
user	0m0.001s
sys		0m0.41s
% time cp DATA /Media/SDXC
real		2m44.656s
user	0m0.002s
sys		0m0.211s

I assume that the first cp just 'fills the queue, but  even assuming
that I then have 310MB transferring, that's pretty slow.

The SD card may support that speed, but the reader might not. Try running "iostat 1" in another window to see what the actual speeds are.
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