Re: Possible timezone error on resume from hibernate - SOLVED

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On Thu, 2023-07-20 at 22:15 -0400, Jeffrey Walton wrote:
> > My main point was about during installation.  There used to be a
> > very
> > obvious checkbox for hardware clock is set to UTC.  I don't recall
> > that
> > being the case for a long time.
> I think Tim is correct. There used to be a checkbox about the
> hardware
> clock. (Maybe it is still there?)

I don't remember that, but it could be.

> But I don't think the user is to blame. Users should not have to do
> extra the work. It is 2023, not 1986. Computers work for users, not
> the other way around. Systemd should have determined how the realtime
> clock is configured, and then acted accordingly. It's not our job to
> tell systemd information it can readily gather itself.

The RTC is just a timer. It doesn't have any notion of timezone (and
even if it did, a BIOS won't have all the special-case code that the
locale libraries need). Also, IIRC dual-boot systems that are sometimes
running Windows can easily be confused about this.

So a visible user setting would be a good idea, or failing that just
assume that the RTC is in UTC.

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