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Magyar Zoltán wrote:

My name is Zoltan. I'm from Hungary, and I would like to start to contribute to the fedora project. I thought about bug triaging, but I want to ask for an example: let's see this bug:
First I tried and was able to reproduce it (with the given components and versions). I didn't find duplicates for that bug, and I think that the provided info is sufficient to be helpful. So should I only add myself to the CC list, and leave a comment, that it should be assigned (and maybe the priority set to low)?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Zoltan,

For whatever reason this list does not seem to be used very much.

Your best bet is to add a comment to the bug that you were able to reproduce the problem. The developer will change the status to assigned when/if they start working on it.

The other alternative would be to see if this bug has already been reported "upstream," in this case,

If the problem has not been reported at gnome it would be helpful to file a bug there. If it has been reported at gnome, it would help the Fedora maintainer if you added a comment to the Fedora bug referencing the URL for the gnome bug.

More information on bug triage is here: if you haven't seen it already.



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