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Hello there,

We're on the last thousand of package updates before Fedora Core 5 hits
the shelves of FTPs and torrent trackers everywhere! Meanwhile, bugs are
creeping into bugzilla and trying to slow down developers from making
the best Fedora release ever. 

Until the end of this week, let's provide special attention to nautilus
bugs. There are 137 open bugs now; here is the link to Red Hat bugzilla

Please go through them and test on FC5testX/rawhide to see if they are
still valid. If it works for you, close as WORKSFORME and ask the
reporter to reopen if it's still an issue for him after updating to
FC5testX/rawhide. However, don't rush with this as some bugs are
triggered only in unusual cases (especially segfaults). Sometimes it
might not happen to you, but the bug it's still there.

If bug is still valid, would be useful to search upstream for the same
bugs and add an External Bugzilla Reference to GNOME Desktop bug if
found. Here's the link:
(please select nautilus* packages and click search. GNOME Bugzilla seems
down for me)
Is there anything you could do to help fixing it faster? (provide
additional info if requested by developer, testcase, screenshot etc)

Remember to add yourself as CC to all bugs you modify (including
closing), in order to get notices of further changes.

Additional info: The Fedora Bug Squad

Marius Andreiana

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