BugZappers Bug Day Wrap Up - 2005-07-29

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BugZappers Triage Team Status Update for Bug Day Event on 2005-07-29

[Traditional Lateness Excuse]

Sorry for the delay on this report, the myriad things going on as well
as Fedora @ LinuxWorld caused some delays.  Anyway, here goes...

[Congrats on a job well done]

Congratulations to the entire BugZappers team on a phenomenal job well
done on the first ever BugZappers Bug Day Event.  Pat yourselves on the
back or buy yourselves a lollipop, some of you even have rewards to look
forward to. 

[Triage is a game of inches...]

Once the fun was over, we sat down to begin the count, to see just how
successful our efforts really were.  I am glad to report that we had no
fingers dipped in ink and absolutely no hanging chads!  After a
preliminary count, we reached an initial number of 250 bugs triaged.
However, many of us did work under either multiple or alternate email
addresses, therefore the final number taking into account all email
addresses and the combined efforts of some Red Hat engineers as well as
the BugZappers the final number stands at 310 total bugs triaged for the
entirety of the first Bug Day.  This was by far an outstanding
accomplishment by the team! Great Work.


We promised rewards?!@!?  Yes we did, and the following recipients are
quite worthy of them.  The following people are the trailblazers of the
BugZappers Triage Team and their efforts deserved to be rewarded:

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander - for setting up our new friend fedorabot!
Peter Van Egdom
Gerwin Krist
Olivier Baudron
Seth Vidal
Colin Charles

Your prize package includes a Fedora Project T-shirt, a Fedora Project
Hat and a Fedora Project Hot/Cold mug.  I will be contacting each person
for shipping info separately.

[Final Thoughts]

At the end of the day, it really is true grassroots efforts like these
that help make the Fedora Project as awesome as it really is.  The sheer
number of bugs that were triaged was simply amazing.  A real sight for
kind of computer reading strained eyes.  I would like to thank everyone
who participated and be on the look out for an announcement regarding
our next Bug Day Event on Friday 19 August 2005.


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