Improving Triage Through Bugzilla Features

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	There are a few things that the Mozilla triage team uses that could be
beneficial to our BugZappers team.

	Basically, developers need a way of saying:

	"This bug needs some QA!"

	And BugZappers need a way of saying:

	"This bug has a test-case attached to it!"

	On, we do this with the "keywords" feature of
Bugzilla. "Keywords" get added to the (duh) "keywords" field on the bug.
They are certain strings that you can pick from a list, to get more data
about the bug.

	You can see the current keywords here:

	Right now, the ones that would be useful for us are "EasyFix" and
"Patch." We could also add another one, "QAWanted," and another,
"TestCase." "QAWanted" would mean, "This bug needs attention from QA."

	"TestCase" would mean, "this bug has a minimal test case attached that
shows the problem very clearly."

	We would also need a bit of documentation on how to create a minimal
test case.

	These allow developers to search for bugs that are actually easy to
fix, or that have some useful information on them.

	It's possible that currently developers don't search by keywords, but
that's because there isn't a triage team to put keywords on bugs. If
keywords were actually there and useful, then developers would be more
likely to search on them.

	Once the keywords are actually used and in place, we can start
explaining to developers how to make their lives easier by searching on
keywords in Bugzilla's "Advanced Search" interface.

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