Official Launch of the Fedora BugZappers Triage Team

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Want to help out with the Fedora Project, but can't code a lick?  Well
fear not my dear friends.  There are many ways you can help the cause
and today I am pleased to announce a brand new way you can help
contribute. Join the Fedora BugZappers!

Who are the BugZappers?

The BugZappers, ( are the
official triage team of the Fedora Project.  The main goal of the team
is to triage, or do a first pass, of bugs in Bugzilla and ensure that a
number of parameters are satisfactorily met.  Basically what that means
is that the BugZappers will go through bugs as they come in and try and
make sure the bugs are valid (i.e. not a duplicate), sane and contain
enough information to be escalated to developers.  If you have ever
reported a bug and wondered why it took so long to get fixed, well then
BugZappers is the right project to join.

Tell Me More!

The BugZappers aim to be the primary line of defense for Fedora Quality
Assurance (QA).  The BugZappers will begin running Bug Day events, every
alternating week, usually on Wednesdays.  Bug Day events are when the
team gets together to concentrate our focus on certain subsections of
the project which need work.  Triage should continue on though, and
remember kids, "Every day should be a Bug Day!"

So, if you are tired of hearing complaints about things not working,
pieces being broken or just plain want to help Fedora be the best dang
Fedora it can be, then join the BugZappers team and help the developers
make the most of their coding time.  It's fun, it's easy, you don't need
much experience to start and we are willing to show you the path of the
righteous, should you choose to accept this mission.

What's in it for me?

Glad you asked.  First of all there is candy.  OK, so there is no candy,
but there is free stuff.  The team is working on some giveaways and run
contests during Bug Day events.  You also get to work on triaging things
that annoy you first, so your problems get fixed sooner; kernel problems
anyone?  Also, a wise man once said, much fame and fortune come to he
who close many bugs.  OK, it really wasn't a wise man buy you get the

How Do I Join?

Step 1: Sign up for the mailing list at:

Step 2: Join us on IRC

We live in #fedora-bugs on Freenode

Step 3: Read/Modify/Enhance the wiki

Our wiki is located at .  

Additionally, we have more information available on the wiki at: and .

More content will be added as we get the project off the ground and

Also, be sure to look for our announcement of the first Bug Day event
coming soon to an Inbox near you!


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