[Scitech] Re: Updated hdf5/netcdf/octave coming to rawhide/f35

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Hi Orion,

On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 8:17 PM Orion Poplawski <orion@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've just submitted the updates for F35 and F36.  There are a few
> packages have failed to build (mainly due to arm or other package issues
> - not many due to these updates it seems) and I'll be working on them
> and/or filing bugs for them shortly.

I've got a fix for mpsolve ready to go, but while the F35 update has
gone through, the F36 update does not seem to have done so.  The
octave-6.3.0-1.fc36 package still has tag f36-build-side-44464:


Is the side tag just taking a really long time to merge?
Jerry James
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