[Scitech] Automatic tracking of SciTech and NeuroFedora packages on Koschei

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Just an FYI, apologies for the cross-post.

Koschei is a CI for rpm packages that helps us packagers track package
dependency changes. It'll help us ensure that our packages are always
installable. You can read more about it here:

mizdebsk was kind enough to set up automatic tracking for all packages
in the `scitech_sig` and `neuro-sig` packager groups for us on Koschei.
So every few hours, Koschei will automatically add any new packages that
are maintained by these packager groups.

You can see these here:


Please keep an eye on Koschei. Please also remember to thank mizdebsk
(by giving them a cookie over IRC, for example: in #fedora-devel,
mizdebsk++ will do).

Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" (He / Him / His) | https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Ankursinha
Time zone: Europe/London

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