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On 12/4/18 10:07 AM, Dave Love wrote:
Orion Poplawski <orion@xxxxxxxx> writes:

I've been working on the following COPRs:


And collecting notes on problems here:


Could we use Fedora resources?  I'd rather not be used by Google.

If Fedora has as an online spreadsheet, sure. But I'm not interested in dealing with wiki formatting.

I realized recently that EPEL7 should have openmpi3 variants, as RHEL7
has both 1.10 and 3.0.  Perhaps that's the first thing to look at?  I
assume EPEL is more used for MPI than Fedora, though I don't know how
much use will be made of the distributed packages as most people don't
believe in packaging :-(.  (I've made a start with what I maintain, and
built the current Scalasca toolset for RHEL8 beta with OMPI 3.1.)

I'd completely forgotten about that - definitely worth looking at.

My main purpose for the COPRs was to test readiness for updating Rawhide, distributing for older releases a secondary benefit.

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