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Hello, Morgan.

On Sunday, 02 December 2018 at 12:06, Morgan Hough wrote:
> Hi fedora-scitech-sig,
> I am testing some of the scitech packages and just wanted to know what was
> expected behavior. If I install Octave should I then be able to install
> octave packages from octave-forge? I am trying to install dicom with "pkg
> install -forge dicom" and I receive the error message:
> pkg: unable to find the mkoctfile command, Octave installation is incomplete
> Is there an additional package I should install via dnf to use octave's
> internal package install mechanism, is there additional environment
> configuration to do or is this just not supported at this time which is
> fine. Thanks in advance for your time.

dnf install /usr/bin/mkoctfile

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