RFC: How to add jmol to sagemath 6.4.1

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  I have a working sagemath 6.4.1 for rawhide, but there is
an issue with the jmol interface.

  I asked for some comment in
but I remember Susi Lehtola posting at some point in
fedora-devel he would be relocating to a new continent,
etc, so, it may take some time to have an idea of how
and when the jmol fedora package will be updated.

  In sagemath 6.4.1 plotting is mostly done using jsmol
and I think it should require quite a lot of work to get
that properly packaged, following all guidelines, and,
probably should be done in as a jmol subpackage
(previously sagemath packages did create a symlink
to provide the appletweb subdir, as it is not provided
by jmol package).

  At first I should drop jmol support, but would like any

  A quick "solution" could be to create a non supported
package and host it somewhere, like pcpa.fedoraproject.org,
and it can be created easily by copying contents of an
upstream sagemath package to the proper subdir of the
rpm package, for example:

$ sudo cp -fr ~/sage-6.4.1-x86_64-Linux/local/share/jmol/ /usr/share/sagemath
$ sudo cp -fr ~/sage-6.4.1-x86_64-Linux/local/share/jsmol/ /usr/share/sagemath

and it works...

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