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> From: "Masoom Jethwa" <mj999fine@xxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Monday, November 17, 2014 2:46:39 PM
> Subject:  Query
> I have yesterday updated Scientific spin of Fedora. Nowbafter the hefty
> update of 2.2 GB . I am facing an issue.

Do you mean, you ran yum update on a Fedora 20 install?

> After booting The computer the boot screen is showing up four option :
> 1 fedora 3.17 heisunbug
> 2 fedora 3.11 fedora.i636
> 3 failsafe  rescue mode
> 4 windows 7

> While fedora 21 is around the corner , I want to know that
> Why I am getting two fedora boot option ? How can I remove 2 option ? Will
> it affect my apps ?

1 and 2 are basically two different kernels - when you install a new kernel, a new entry
is created in the grub menu. If you want to remove a grub option
you can edit the grub config file usually located in /boot.  

Unless it's a kernel module or an applicaiton which takes any advantage of a feature in 
3.17 kernel, I believe user-level apps shouldn't be affected.

There is of course a way to upgrade to Fedora 21 when it's released. 

Hope that helps.
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