Re: Minor update to sagemath 5.2 rawhide work in progress package

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2012/9/8 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
>   Hi,
>   I updated to match the
> current state, and uploaded updated packages to
>   Actually, it was not the first time I had uploaded packages, but this
> time I made significant work:
> - Add sphinx workaround to have editable tutorial forms (#839321)
> - Make interactive 3d plots using jmol applet functional (#837166)
> - Use system genus2reduction
> - Add workaround to mp_set_memory_functions call from pari library

  I just uploaded a sagemath 5.3 package.
  It needs*, so until it is updated in rawhide
( I also did
upload a libmpc3 package.

>   If you have a rawhide x86_64 system, vm, etc, please give it a try.
>   BTW, I also commented out gap-sonata requires, as it is not "really"
> required, and it appears it is another case of a package I had only in
> my system; Jerry may have any information about it :-)
>   Also, it is very close to be able to make a formal review request,
> waiting for a response to my python-flask* review requests:
>   There will be significant debug to be done, based on a full
> sage -testall output:

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