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2012/7/24 Vedran Miletić <rivanvx@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Paulo, what are the odds that sagemath will be a part of Fedora 18?

  I was hoping to get it ready, but there are still several dependencies
waiting for review  (if I could review my own review requests this would
go faster :-). I should work on providing some non official repository,
as I have RFE packages for those that needs updates, only did not make
a RFE for jmol so far, and for sphinx I should hack the sagemath build
instead of hacking the sphinx package.

> Vedran
> 2012/7/15 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
> <>:
>>   I did a some updates to
>> to make it easier to track what is required to replicate my current
>> sagemath-5.2.beta0-1.fc18 package in rawhide.
>>   There isn't much extra required, thanks to all the previous work already
>> done in Fedora. See updated [Missing required components] and new
>> [Packages that need changes to work with sagemath] section in the wiki page.
>> Thanks,
>> Paulo

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