Re: Fedora sagemath 5.0.rc0 - work in progress

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2012/5/9 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade

  Jerry, in case you want to test the current sagemath build, I think
I did not forgot
anything, but currently hacked rpms are:

the champion in hacking. This really needs a better integration with
upstream and
sagemath. Need to rename the sage_* symbols and provide the functionality in
the library.

quick hack to add NTL support.

linbox side patches in my work to get sagemath 5.0rc0 to work with linbox 1.2.2.

symmetrica built without -DLOCALTRUE to avoid unresolved symbols.

rpm tree with the latest log, but without the tarball, just get it from

In the sagemath.log in sagemath.tar.bz2 you should notice that it should
be required to create a maxima-runtime-ecl package.

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