Re: Experiment with sagemath and Polybori needs to be built

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2012/4/24 Paulo César Pereira de Andrade
> that is, also moved it to /usr/include/polybori/flags.conf, otherwise
> it would require masking who owns the file; in Mandriva I did a different
> package approach, with ipbori in the main polybori package. Only issue
> with putting it in /usr/include is that it then needs an extra patch to
> sagemath's

I don't see a problem with adding it as
/usr/share/polybori/flags.conf.  We should be able to make that work.

>  I will later (probably tomorrow) use the srpm at
> but either way, the
> package I use in Mandriva is

Hmmm, I threw that package together some time ago and haven't touched
it since.  I hope it still works!

> Thanks and sorry for replying to myself,

Heh.  Sometimes that's the best way to have an intelligent conversation. :-)
Jerry James
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