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Hello Stuart:

On 01/25/2012 02:13 AM, Stuart Mumford wrote:

    I was thinking this myself, and good that you kickstarted the
      discussions. I started a new discussion on the Spins SIG mailing
    list. I
    shall keep you updated.


There hasn't been much of a discussion on this in the list, but from what I gather a GNOME based spin is not possible, atleast officially and perhaps it makes sense to just have one spin- which is KDE. Besides, if you want to have a GNOME based desktop, you can simply install it yourself using the package manager.

    Did you mean individual package categories such as- Physics, Chemistry,
    Biology... ? In that case, it won't be specifically relevant to the
    Scientific Spin, but it will hopefully be useful to the SciTech SIG.

Yes, that was mainly what I was thinking, I am aware that maybe it's not
specific to the Scientific Spin, as I think you mentioned before however
I think it will add some value to it. I was also thinking if it would be
nice to either upgrade the existing software Centre UI or make something
special for the scientific spin to set up packages specific to the use
case of Scientific Spin.

Where is the best place to discuss this? On the SciTech SIG mailing list?

Well, i think what you are suggesting is changes to the package manager UI for listing categories for Scientific Spin such as- editors, numerical tools, etc.. ? Right? If yes, then, I think there are few things you will need to keep in mind:

- Either you will need to find a way out to change the current GUI package manager or write one specifically for scientific spin.

- You will need to code it, then package it and then get it accepted in the repositories. Only then can we include them in the spin. For this step you should seek suggestions/acceptance from the Fedora-devel mailing list/community

- The current package groups include a "Scientific & Engineering" group. I don't think folks will be too keen to go down to the level of "scientific-editors", "scientific-tools", ..etc. So you will need to do something strictly on the lines of your GUI based package manager - which IMHO should be an interesting itch to scratch!

    Also, I remember you discussing about custom wallpapers for the
    Scientific Spin? Would you like to give it a shot for the F17 spin?

Yes, no problems I can attempt to compile a few from interesting sources
online, etc. What are the licensing requirements for wallpapers
inclusion in Fedora?

Great! I think the best place to discuss this would be the Fedora Design team: Sorry, I don't have any further details on this.

Also therefore does anyone on this mailing list have any appropriate


      For astronomy software we generally install the rpms from the ESO
    Scisoft set on top of a standard fedora install.
      This time I plan to install them on top of the F16 Scientific
    spin. Maybe relevant to update the list of those rpms to latest
      versions of Fedora for the next Spin.

      The files are linked to on which describes the scisoft

Shashi, it would be great if you could kindly point me packages which are of generic use and have not been included in the spin, I shall then include them. For the current list of packages, please see:


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