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Hi Suart:

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 2:39 AM, Stuart Mumford <stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
>> This is the location of the current KS file [1].
> Ok shall have a good look through, and have a think about things I have
> installed on here recently. Is there such a thing as optional packages/
> package groups to include with the spin, because there is a list of
> dependencies for programs like IDL which if people need to use being able to
> install and configure in one go would be simpler?

Do you mean to say, that you would like to install just the packages
which are needed for running IDL? If yes, its something which could be
definitely looked into. Also, how do you find, GNU Data languaga [1]?
If you think its pretty decent alternative for IDL, I can include it
in the KS file.


> The only things I can think of are Python based:
> spyder
> python-matplotlib
> NumPy
> SciPy
> I couldn't see these in the KS file?

Thanks for your  suggestions. Funny, I think I missed 'spyder'. All
others are included from the @engineering-and-scientific group.

>> I wanted to have both versions, but the policy requires just one. :)
> So we can't offer a choice on the desktop environment? That's a big shame
> because it reduces the usefulness and flexibility of the spin?

Hmm..I agree. That was my thinking..Once we get the offficial
notification, I will try and see if keeping GNOME3 based spin is
possible or not.


> Stuart
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