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Hi Stuart:

On 10/11/2011 10:40 PM, Stuart Mumford wrote:
> Hello,
> I stumbled across this spin recently and was quite interested primarily
> cause I have just stared using Fedora at work (I am studying for a
> Physics PhD).
> Is the list of packages in the KS file on the wiki complete/ the best
> place to see the included packages ? Because I have some suggestions of
> things to put in.

Thanks for your interest. Yes, the KS file is the best place to look at 
this point of time. I really hope to put the list up on the wiki page at 
some point of time. Once you have gone through the list, please pitch in 
with your suggestions on the discussions page after creating a new 
section, or you may reply to this thread, whichever you prefer.

This is the location of the current KS file [1].


> Also (for the record) I am more of a Gnome 3 person than KDE :p

I am sorry, I had to pick up one, and due to my recent conversion to KDE 
and hopefully the final time, I decided to go ahead with GNOME 3. I 
wanted to have both versions, but the policy requires just one. :)

Thanks again!

> Thanks
> Stuart
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