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I saw Kevin's lament about SAGE still not being packaged on the -devel
list yesterday.  Who is still working on it, and what is its status?
It looks like the wiki page is out of date.  (For example, it still
lists python-ZODB3 and python-zope-proxy as needing review, when both
are done and in Fedora.)

Is there a definitive split of required / optional packages anywhere?
I see a lot of packages on the upstream web pages that aren't listed
anywhere on our wiki.

A little work shows that we're behind Sage on some of the packages
that are already in Fedora (going by the versions in Rawhide), namely:
eclib (20080310p10 vs 20100711): konradm
gfan (0.3 vs 0.4plus): konradm
m4ri (20081028 vs 20100701): konradm
pari-gp (2.3.5 vs 2.4.3alpha): pghmcfc
python-cvxopt (1.1 vs 1.1.3): konradm
python-networkx (1.0.1 vs 1.2): konradm
python-polybori (0.5 vs 0.6.4): konradm
qhull (2003.1 vs 2010.1): corsepiu
scipy (0.7.2 vs 0.8): jspaleta

And what else is needed?  If someone has a list of tasks that need to
be done (or can update the wiki with such a list), I can try to help

If review swaps would be helpful, I've got a couple that might be
interesting to this crowd:
openfst -
csdp -

Jerry James
scitech mailing list

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