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On Aug 13, 2009, at 12:39 PM, Daniel Gomez wrote:

> I only know c++, learning C, Java, and C# (useless in Fedora but  
> useful for work).

C# isn't entirely useless! A lot of people (including myself) are  
weary of C# in open source because of licensing issues, but  
nonetheless there are loads of Mono applications written in C# for  
Linux that you might be interested in contributing to.  Don't  
completely discount the usefulness of any programming skill. :)

Additionally, I don't know if anyone on this list has mentioned this  
before, but there is an effort to write educational mathematics  
programs for the XO-1 (One Laptop Per Child). Granted, we aren't  
talking college level math... more like middle school.  But it's might  
be a good entry point for anyone looking to contribute who knows Python.

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