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My name is Daryl,
I'm a senior at NCSU studying for a B.S. in Physics.
I've recently been 'turned on' to Fedora and made myself at home in this
operating system.
i'm a power-user at heart and enjoying trying out new things for the sake of
the learning experience. i grew up a Windows kid, but Fedora has given me
ample opportunity to learn the *nix and open source paradigms, as well as to
get a feel for the open source community.
i like it.
i like it so much that i feel obligated to join and help out as much as i
That said, my favorite programs (sci-tech related,) are Octave, gnuplot,
Qucs, and the mother of my interests: the Root framework.
I know Bash, C, Tex, and Python pretty well, and have at least workable
knowledge of C++, Perl, Lisp, SQL, and web mark up languages.

I'd really like to help, but as of yet, i'm not quite sure how.
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