Proposal on FWN implementation/ automation

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I would like to propose the following improvement in FWN as it saves
lot of time.

My idea is to automate the process as much as possible and get the
human support to edit the content and make sure the content looks
The whole FAm beat can be made available with the use of a script. ( a
script to dig the pipemail and extract things required and arrange
them, pretty systematic way). If we discuss with other beat writers we
can figure out the possibility for their bets as well. AFAIK, the
helps the publishing part instead the conventional wiki editing
process. Therefor we can put a step forward and make the
beat writing process smoother.

Then only an editor is required and that is easy than copy pasting
things manually. No beat writer is required but a
editor should check out whether the content is extracted correctly.
With this change beat writers are upgraded as editors. Finally the
can publish the whole FWN after checking the whole FWN.

Once the initial infra is setup the whole system can be managed with
less effort.
I think this would be a good investment and if needed the GSOC 2012
students' support may be obtained. (a project idea)

I would like to carry on the discussion through the mailing list and
then after we can step into implementation. No FWN issue took place
since last January.
Therefore I think we need to take some actions right now. I sent a
mail to Pascal as well and he promised to support till we setup

In summery I think we need to do followings;

1) Make the FWN publishing process automated and smooth(less human effort)
2) Make the other contributors aware about the FWN and obtain their
help/ support.

Thanks for your time.

Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera(bckurera)
Fedora Ambassador Sri Lanka
Event Liaison - Design Team

Email: bckurera@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | IRC: bckurera
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