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Hi Buddhika --

That is a wonderful idea, thank you for your interest in writing for FWN!  I am cc'ing the list so that the team is kept informed of your joining.

Yes, coverage of anything Fedora from the APAC perspective is welcome indeed.  In the immediate term, could you perhaps prepare a report on the upcoming FAD in Sri Lanka and submit this as a beat?  You could collaborate with others in Asia for future events.  Will you be travelling to FUDCon India?

If you agree, we can structure your contributions as the 'Fedora APAC' beat within FWN?

Many thanks!

  - pascal

From: bckurera@xxxxxxxxx [bckurera@xxxxxxxxx] on behalf of Buddhika Kurera [bckurera@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:15 PM
To: pcalarco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: FWN from APAC, need to join

Hello Pascal,

I recently joined with the FWN team.

You can find my user page here,

I like to engage with FWN work and please assign me a task. 

Further can I represent APAC and I ll prepare an article for the FWN covering APAC happenings?
Is it ok with you.

thanks for your time.

Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera
Fedora Ambassador Sri Lanka
Event Liaison - Design Team

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