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On 05/20/2011 09:06 AM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 08:23:53AM -0400, Pascal Calarco wrote:
>> On 05/17/2011 03:22 AM, sankarshan wrote:
>>> 2011/5/13 Pascal Calarco<pcalarco@xxxxxx>:
>>>> So far this week we have one beat in, Security Advisories.  Thanks to
>>>> Sankarshan for reporting on his status.  How are the rest of you doing?
>>> I'll be working on the Beat today to get it caught up with the current
>>> events. In short, the upcoming issue will have the Ambassadors Beat.
>> Thanks, Sankarshan!
> Hi Pascal,
> Will the copy be available on Fedora Insight?  The site is fully
> functional at, which is where you can
> put your content.
> BTW, in case you were concerned, it's no longer necessary for you to
> worry about staging or development hosts -- you may simply use the
> production site for content.

Hi Paul and News Team --

Okay, I am back in Indiana after this past week's 1500 driving miles in 
5 days journey to Canada and back.  I closed on selling a property, had 
some contractors and home inspectors in to the place we're buying in 
Canada, and met with lawyers and accountants in between!  I will carve 
out time tomorrow to get 275 out the door and get the last 5 or so 
issues onto the prod site above.  Thx!

   - pascal
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