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Hi News Team --

Apologies for being late in getting FWN together this week; I've been at 
a conference in Milwaukee since Tuesday a.m. and leave tomorrow.

So far this week we have one beat in, Security Advisories.  Thanks to 
Sankarshan for reporting on his status.  How are the rest of you doing?

There is no content this week for In the News.

Rashadul, do you have time to do the announcement beat this week?

Runa, its been several weeks since a Translation beat.  Is the team on 
hiatus, extremely busy for F15, or something else?

Adam, how does you week look for a QA beat?

Guillermo, do you have any content for LATAM?

Thank you all!  If we do not have enough content, I might suggest that 
we skip releasing an issue this week.

   - pascal
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