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On 12/08/2010 02:26 PM, Neville A. Cross wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 9:35 AM, Pascal Calarco<pcalarco@xxxxxx>  wrote:
>> Fedora Weekly News (FWN) is the weekly newsletter for the Fedora
>> Project, reporting on activities, developments and news about Fedora.
>> FWN is planning to transition to a new Drupal-based platform for
>> workflow, editing, publishing and dissemination, and, in advance of
>> this, we would like your feedback on how you, the reader, uses FWN and
>> solicit ideas for improving the quality and service of FWN to meet your
>> needs!
>> We invite you toprovide us feedback on Fedora Weekly News via an
>> anonymous survey, below.  This will be valuable as we integrate FWN into
>> our new Drupal-based news and information portal, Fedora Insight.  The
>> survey shouldn't take more than about 5-10 minutes of your time.  Thanks
>> again!
>> Yours in Fedora,
>> Fedora Weekly News Team:
>> ------------------------------------
>> Adam Batkin
>> Runa Bhattacharjee
>> Nicu Buculei
>> Pascal Calarco
>> Neville A. Cross
>> Rashadul Islam
>> Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay
>> Adam Williamson
> I did a little bit of cross-posting. I translated the information on
> the body of this email to Spanish, make clear that FWN is mostly in
> Englsih and fired to "Fedora users in LATAM", "LATAM Ambassadors" and
> "Fedora Nicaragua" mailing list. As I said, if we don't get extra
> responses, at least we make some noise to let people know that FNW is
> there for them.
> Best regards

Excellent, thanks, Neville!  We have 98 responses thus far, mostly from 
Europe & Middle East (52%), who are seasoned Linux users (58% 10+ 
years), older (56% between 30-50) and overwhelmingly Fedora users 
(89.8%) and/or Fedora Project contributors (32%).  None of this perhaps 
very surprising.

I'll leave the response details quiet for now, and will send out survey 
results to date to this list on Friday PM US Eastern Standard Time 
(perhaps around 20:00-21:00 UTC).

   - pascal
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