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On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 10:24 AM, Mel Chua <mel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I would welcome your feedback between now and next Wednesday, when I
>> would like to include the survey with the next issue of FWN.
> The survey looks good to my untrained eyes - I like that you included
> the completion time and the names of everyone working on FWN... will
> probably need to do a lot of blogging/IRC-pinging/personal contacts to
> get folks to take the survey, but the survey itself is good stuff.
> The two Fedora-Marketing-esque folks I can think of with formal survey
> design experience are Robyn and Diana (although I think some Red Hat
> Marketing folks also hang out here?) so if they have a moment, their
> feedback will probably be better than mine... forwarding to Diana since
> I don't know if she's on this list, and I know Robyn is (obviously) ;-)

I used to teach at the University, that will get any student a solid
A+ for coursework survey. Well depending on the analysis of the
responses. I think that we can have enough information from the
survey. We can later on work on some in depth analysis from the

For instance... Let's use weight factor to value the opinion of users
about sections on how frequently they read the
FWN. The more often they read, the more valuable their opinion should be.

Or let's see which sections each group value the most... newcomer,
press people.... The same goes with channels... we can find out that
press people would like a rss (just an example), so when we do that we
let them know first.

My point is that we can crunch numbers nicely from the question laid
out. I think is a good work.

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