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Hi News beat writers,

I have a request concerning the use of <ref> in the News beat pages,
which will make it easier to transplant the beats into the new Fedora
Insight content management system.

Currently, sometimes beat writers create lists of links that look like

Here's a bunch of links concerning this news item:



This is an odd use of <ref> as a replacement for bullet lists.  A
<ref> usually means a footnote that adds to other text.  Here's the
results that come out in one of our test pages when there's an
"unattached" <ref> or footnote (look for numbers 21 and up):


Footnotes make perfect sense when the list contains some text, and you
want to hook that text to a further piece of information, be it a URL
or something else.  However, for links themselves, you can simply
write the link out, in a bullet list.  If you have other text you want
to include, it's perfectly fine to use a <ref> as well, pointing to a
URL.  Here's an example of what I suggest writers do instead:

Here's a bunch of links concerning this news item:

* http://url1.com
* http://url2.com
* The Fedora Insight system<ref>http://url3.com</ref>

The hyperlinks will then come out automatically, both on the wiki and
in Fedora Insight.  Filtering unattached footnotes, as shown above, is
a fairly involved problem and we can easily remove it by changing the
way lists are written in the FWN beats.

Does this make sense, and are writers agreeable to using this standard
in the future?

Paul W. Frields                                http://paul.frields.org/
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