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Although many Fedora KDE users install their machines via the KDE live installer, there are many other people who do installs differently.  I tend to download the Fedora Server edition, install a minimal install, and then build my desktop up from there.
But as I was generating some Fedora statistics, I wondered if my own machines were being counted.  Turns out they weren't.  Well, they were being counted, but as Fedora Servers.
Figuring I'm not the only person doing what I do, I decided to write this quick writeup.

Check how your machine is being counted:
  rpm -qa | grep fedora-release-identity
This shows how your machine is showing up on Fedora's CountMe.  If you are running KDE and want to be counted, it should be
If it isn't, proceed to the next step.

If you want to be counted as running Fedora KDE, do the following
  dnf -y install fedora-release-kde fedora-release-identity-kde --allowerasing
The --allowerasing is important.  A Fedora system is only allowed one fedora-release-identity package installed at a time, and it needs to erase the one that is originally installed.

Hopes this helps

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