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On 5/12/24 10:21 AM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

Also, I just tried it again and as far as I can see it appears to have
no effect whatever. I set Dolphin to start on a specific desktop,
applied the change, and started a new instance. It popped up on the
desktop on was looking at, not the one I had set. I played with various
combinations of settings and nothing made any difference.

It works for me. I have two monitors and use 4 virtual desktops. For
example I have chrome come up on the main screen of virtual desktop 2. When you select the virtual desktop property you have a choice as to what desktop it appears on. Also, I had to fool around with the window matching section. For the window class I have it set to substring match and the string I use is chrome. There's a detect windows properties button at the bottom you can use to figure out what should work.

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